Professional Development

Learning and advancement opportunities are truly endless at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

Central to our professional development is the promotion of a thriving learning environment. Our nurses live to learn. Growth helps us meet the needs of our patients, the guiding motivation behind the nursing profession. Our careers hold the collective potential to be the most inspiring in the world.

At NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, our practice is dynamic, ever-enfolding, ever-evolving, always new. Professionally, we believe that when a nurse acquires new skills, the value of everyone’s practice increases. Personally, we believe that when a nurse acquires new skills, he or she flourish as a human being. The patients benefit exponentially from our development.

We’re proud to have programs for nurses of every level.


Nursing Orientation
Our intensive and supportive orientation sets the stage for your success. After hospital orientation day, you’ll begin formal nursing orientation. General nursing classes are followed by unit orientation. Based on an assessment of learning needs, a customized and comprehensive orientation plan is developed for each new hire.

Each plan involves communication with the patient care director, preceptor and learner. Clinical orientation is guided by an experienced nurse preceptor in collaboration with the nurse educator assigned to the unit. After orientation, you’ll attend other education activities. These can include unit-based and hospital-wide inservice programs, all-day workshops, Nursing Grand Rounds, BLS classes and continuing education classes.

School of Continuing Education for Nurses
The School of Continuing Education for Nurses provides learning activities to assist nurses in developing and maintaining their continuing competence, which is essential to providing safe, quality healthcare to patients.
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Columbia University School of Nursing
The Columbia University School of Nursing, one of the top-ranked nursing schools in the world, plays a pivotal role in one of the world’s most renowned academic health centers. Master’s and doctoral degrees prepare nurses for leadership positions as clinical specialists, administrators, policy experts, researchers and clinicians, all of which are in high demand in today’s healthcare environment. The School of Nursing is located on the Health Sciences campus of Columbia University and NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center.
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Master of Science Degree in Management: Concentration for Nursing Leaders
NYU Wagner’s Master’s in Public Administration Degree: Nursing Leadership, developed in collaboration with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, serves the educational needs of nurses who seek to advance to positions of greater leadership. The program is also popular with nurses wishing to be more effective in their current leadership roles.

The program equips students with professional skills, exposing them to a broad set of leadership and management challenges. It aims to meet the critical need of the health care sector for exceptional leadership in front-line management of large health care enterprises.

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Doctors initially told Danion’s mother that there was no way to save him. But his mother pushed on and came to NYP, where they agreed to accept the case. His surgeon, Dr. Mark Souweidane says, “It was one of the largest tumors I’ve ever seen.”

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