Support Services

Our Support Services professionals bring strength, comfort and assistance to our patients. We champion patient needs.

Hear Her Story ELIZABETH Environmental Services, Housekeeper

Our support services professionals are invaluable care providers. Every day, we deliver critical, compassionate support with superior safety, logistics and customer service. What’s more, we help bring dignity and respect to every patient healing environment. Together, we are an integral part of the hospital caregiving team.

We utilize our skills with efficiency, effectiveness and compassion across environmental services, laundry, mail room, security, patient escort and transport, food and nutrition, procurement and nursing support services. Our careers help connect the human experience of caregiving to the clinical. As a team, we are committed to excellence in our areas of service and proud of our affiliation with New York’s top medical institution. But it goes beyond that: We provide comfort and hospitality to patients in the greatest of need, at the most vulnerable of times.


Our talented security officers represent the “front lines” of the hospital. Assigned to the entrances and many other areas, we’re often the first point of contact that a patient or guest has with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Our role is dynamic. To succeed, you have to be flexible and manage unique situations. You’ll perform a security, customer service, community and caregiving function. Our challenges go hand-in-hand with patient considerations. Almost every minute, we are working with some aspect of the public. Opportunities to advance and progress to senior security officer, sergeant or manager are ever-present.

As the longest-standing private security group in the country, we are prepared for anything—CPR certified and even trained to assist in cardiac arrest and child delivery. Always in uniform, our officers are immensely respected throughout the law enforcement, private security and national security communities. We regularly augment celebrity protection details and collaborate with the Secret Service, FBI and NYPD. Ranked in the “Top 5 Hospitals” in 2008 by Security Magazine, we’re looking for upstanding officers and individuals to step up to Amazing Things.

Our logistics and procurement professionals help keep the hospital prepared for everything. We take the reins of all receiving, internal distribution, shipping and replenishment responsibilities. Together, we keep the hospital stocked, equipped and ready to care for patients.

We enjoy a high level of interdisciplinary engagement throughout the organization, achieving Amazing Things in a variety of settings like the loading docks, equipment centers, corporate centers and patient care floors. The work is fast-paced. Join us to propel New York City’s fastest-advancing healthcare institution. And advance your career in the process.

In Support Services, we’re often described by patients as real and lasting points of contact. Patients and families often mention the personal difference we make in their hospital experience. We have a wide variety of responsibilities.

Our work is critical for the hospital to function each day. Properly cleaned rooms are the front line of infection control. Efficiently transported patients help reduce length of stay. Nourishing food supports healing. Properly laundered items keep both patients and staff properly clothed, warm and secure. In all we achieve, we make each patient feel significant. We also make a significant contribution to the hospital’s outstanding patient outcomes.

Building on a culture of mutual respect and putting patients first, we boast an incredible number of longstanding team members (many who’ve been with us 20+ years). For our outstanding efforts, we are regularly recognized by patients, colleagues, nurses, physicians and more.

  • Opportunities Include:
  • Environmental Services
  • Food/Nutrition
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Mail Room
  • Patient Transport/Escort

At NewYork-Presbyterian, Nursing Support professionals are the eyes and ears of an award-winning nursing department. Our roles are the essence of Putting Patients First. We’re the first point of contact at unit nursing stations, or a constant resource at the bedside. From vital sign monitoring to EKGs and blood glucose testing, we ensure health and safety with compassionate patient focus.

We keep fast-paced environments running smoothly.

  • Opportunities Include:
  • Companions
  • ED Technicians
  • Medical/Surgical Technicians
  • Nurse Aides
  • Patient Assistants
  • Patient Care Associates
  • Telemetry Technicians
  • Unit Assistants
  • Unit Clerks

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  • Prerequisites for Support Services
  • Experience in related hospitality, security or customer service a plus
  • Compassionate, upbeat attitude
  • Desire to work as part of a team

Awards and Recognition
For our outstanding efforts, support services professionals are regularly recognized by patients, colleagues, nurses and physicians through our internal Employee of the Month, Falcon and Shining Star Awards. One of our directors was even recently nominated for the President’s Circle Award. Every day, we participate in floor huddles, where doctors, nurses and more go over plans for patient care. This is an incredible career, with strong leadership opportunities. For many, it is a calling. Bring the right attitude, and you are certain to make a lasting difference.

Continuing Education
We’re committed to developing our staff. Our Center for Organizational Leadership and Effectiveness offers free classes in English as a Second Language (ESL), as well as adult literacy and basic to advanced computer classes. We also maintain a commitment to scholarship and academic achievement. Working with local colleges, we support many of our professionals in pursuit of their GEDs. We even provide generous tuition reimbursement for the pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree. We firmly believe that continuous learning opportunities strengthen our employees, which strengthens departments and the organization as a whole.

Incredible Stories:

In 2009, one of our most critically ill patients underwent a heart transplant. In the midst of his recovery, he noticed something unique about the man who transported him to his tests. Every time the patient transporter would come to escort him, he would whistle like a bird.

As it turns out, this transporter was fantastic at mimicking bird songs! The patient often found himself waiting to hear these incredible bird whistles. It became a sign that he had gotten through another day of recovery. Even during the most difficult times in treatment, the patient found himself looking forward to that one special moment. It’s amazing that, although the patient had a transplant (one of the most intensive procedures in medicine), what he remembered most was the creativity of the patient transporter—who helped him through it.

In early 2009, three of our executive chefs participated in the Big Apple Health Care Culinary Challenge, an Iron Chef-style competition held every year. Our team had one hour in which to create an appetizer and two main dishes using three ingredients. Their choices: chicken, steak and fish! Our chefs won First Place against all other New York City hospitals, including NYU Langone Medical Center and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

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Doctors initially told Danion’s mother that there was no way to save him. But his mother pushed on and came to NYP, where they agreed to accept the case. His surgeon, Dr. Mark Souweidane says, “It was one of the largest tumors I’ve ever seen.”

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