Our IT professionals spearhead the latest endeavors and applications in healthcare tech.

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Tech gurus, welcome. Clinical leaders, welcome too. Enter an environment where the forefront spins and evolves like a Rubik’s Cube. Here, we constantly integrate smarter equipment to promote safer, better care. We run about 3,000 servers and manage an infrastructure of more than 50,000 user accounts.

Can you keep up with the pace? One that saves lives and brightens minds? Then step up and live it. Our jobs are beyond dynamic. They’re defined by the skillful integration of “smart” medical equipment. People in most other IT systems do “bread and butter” transaction work. We’ve had that down for years.

Our work is ever-expanding. You’re never just a security jock or a server jock. Today, it’s all about seamlessly connecting technology, strategy and operations into patient services. We’ve incorporated biomedical and telecommunications with clinical IT (an industry first). We’ve brought RFID (radio frequency identification) into our clinical network. Much of our team is Cisco certified, and at least two of our own attend Cisco Live every year. Together, we create an ever-better, ever-accelerating hospital system.

Hospital-Wide Impact
Our careers touch every clinical area. Our team of more than 650 gurus is active in pharmacy, radiology, the laboratories, the OR, HIM (medical records), credentialing and more. Perhaps that’s why employee satisfaction scores among our IT folks rank above 92%. We also increase patient satisfaction through our guest Wi-Fi access program, which includes over 3,000 nodes. And with bedside barcoding, our focus now also incorporates the patient “point of care.” Our system assists clinicians and can even warn them before any possible clinical error is made. First in place at NewYork-Presbyterian/The Allen Hospital, we’re actively unrolling this initiative hospital wide.

Wired for Greatness
Our IT professionals team with major players in Silicon Valley, like HP, Cisco and Gartner, to premiere the latest healthcare infrastructures and software. For example, our work with Microsoft (and their program HealthVault) has yielded success in MyNYP.org (see below for details). We’ve even built a high-speed fiber optics ring around the island of Manhattan, allowing every campus to connect to our data center. Most of our IT professionals are based in the corporate office but travel frequently. Some of our staff members are now even based in clinical units. For example, in the new Greenberg 14 floor of NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, the Clinical Lab Department has actually carved out space for IT professionals (because we’re so in demand!).

New Advancements
We pioneered the “vergenc” initiative across NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital locations, which provides clinicians with a “tap and go” single sign-on capacity at hospital workstations through their hospital ID. Just tap your ID card onto a scanner, and you’re able to view patient information across the continuum of a patient’s visit—from ER to OR to ambulatory and beyond. Additionally, we’re taking EMR (electronic medical records) to the next level for clinicians, going beyond database implementation to now consider ease of use, informatics and physician order entry.

The NYP IT Innovation Team is dedicated to improving the patient and employee experience through the use of technology. They work with NYP staff to develop new solutions, as well as find ways to use existing technology to support patient care delivery that is more efficient, effective and patient centered. To help staff learn more about ongoing innovation activities, they are introducing a mobile application called Innovate.

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Dr. Peter Fleischut Honored for Improving Patient Experience
Dr. Peter Fleischut has been honored with the Vanguard Award for Using Technology to Improve the Patient Experience from the City & State Reports 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards. Dr. Fleischut is the chief innovation officer at NewYork-Presbyterian and was nominated in the healthcare, hospital & pharmaceuticals category.

Since launching its Innovation Center in 2014, NewYork-Presbyterian has developed a variety of tools to enhance the patient experience. The tablet program allows inpatients to access their health information and contact their nurse directly from their beds, while e-whiteboards display a patient’s care team, upcoming tests and other information to keep patients and their families well-informed. Auto-texting also helps update family members on the status of their loved ones who are in surgery. In addition, the innovation team launched NYPConnect, a mobile application that expedites treatment and consults by improving and improves communication between providers.

  • Prerequisites for IT
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred, but not required
  • Experience and a passion for healthcare

Awards and Recognition
Aurelia Boyer, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, was recently named as one of the "100 hospital and health system CIOs to know" in 2015 by Becker’s Hospital Review. The list highlights CIOs from across the country who "have demonstrated excellence in leadership by tackling the challenging world of health IT and innovating during a time of change in the industry."

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HealthcareITNews recently reported how NewYork-Presbyterian was named a "2013 top hospital" by Healthgrades for, among many factors, the quality of its patient care and dedication to superior clinical outcomes across the organization. Only four New York hospitals received this honor (two of which were NYP locations).

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital ranked #6 on 2014 InformationWeek Elite 100, a list of top business technology innovators in the U.S, and is the only hospital in the top 10. The Hospital was specifically recognized for use of an innovative patient tablet, designed to empower patients and their providers and improve the quality of health care delivery with the latest technology. The tablets, equipped with two custom-built Windows 8 apps, enable patients to seamlessly communicate with their care team and quickly access their health information including their medications and lab results on the myNYP portal.

Learn more about NewYork-Presbyterian’s Innovation Awards at: http://www.innovatenyp.org/awards/

Education and Training
Through vendor presentations and conferences, IT professionals specializing in applications are constantly kept abreast of what’s new and what’s next. IT professionals specializing in infrastructure are able to pursue and be certified for new Citrix levels with generous to full reimbursement.

MyNYP.org is an innovative online medical records system (EMR) that empowers patients by giving them access to their medical information in a safe environment. Patients are empowered to reference and store information generated during their doctor and hospital visits. This makes the patient the focal point of the medical records process. MyNYP.org presents a host of never-been-considered challenges in terms of access, distribution of information, etc., and we are driving and deriving these answers on a daily basis. The forefront of EMR is here and now. Be a part of it.

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Patient Story
NYP had a very ill patient with a very personal goal: to be out of the hospital by a certain date because his daughter was getting married. As it turns out, health complications extended his stay. Flying to the wedding became out of the question.

On a Friday, the IT department learned of this patient’s story. A request was made to help this man be a part of his daughter’s wedding. The challenge: his daughter’s wedding was on the following day. Hearing about this story at 4 p.m. on a Friday, our systems were ready to go by 1 p.m. that Saturday. The patient, from his room, virtually experienced his daughter’s wedding.

Leadership Awards
Bulent Oral, Director of Information Technology
For over 16 years Bulent has overseen the Laboratory Information Services team, managing the laboratory IT systems that support the Clinical Labs, Blood Bank, and Molecular Diagnostics at all six NYP Hospital campuses as well as NYP/Queens. Using his extensive technical knowledge as well as his understanding of operational laboratory workflows, he plays an important part in IT system conversions and assists in the decision making process for acquiring new laboratory systems. Over the years, Bulent has led the successful conversion of multiple laboratory systems at the NYP/Weill Cornell and NYP/Columbia campuses. Most recently, he oversaw the migration of the NYP/Queens and NYP/Lower Manhattan laboratory systems to the NYP enterprise system and was instrumental in supporting the rollout and integration of the new robotics line at the NYP/Columbia laboratory. Bulent also serves on the Clinical Information Services Team and helps ensure that laboratory order and results information is communicated to clinicians effectively. Colleagues say “he is a key leader who fosters an environment where teamwork is instrumental to success and is well-respected by his colleagues and leaders across the organization.” They are also impressed with his “dedication, creativity, and grace under pressure,” and admire his “remarkable leadership as he works to provide ongoing support for multiple major system implementations and upgrades.”

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Doctors initially told Danion’s mother that there was no way to save him. But his mother pushed on and came to NYP, where they agreed to accept the case. His surgeon, Dr. Mark Souweidane says, “It was one of the largest tumors I’ve ever seen.”

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